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Beeswax Alchemy

Product DetailsBeeswax Alchemy
By Petra Ahnert
Quarry Books
Retail Price: $25
Amazon Price: $19.08

Book Description:

Modern beekeepers – take notice! Here we have the answer to one of the most common questions related to beekeeping: what do I do with all of this beeswax? In fact, the possibilities are seemingly endless! As beeswax has multiple holistic and decorative uses, projects can vary from beauty and health products to household items. Beeswax Alchemy is your first step towards using excess beeswax to make beautiful, useful gifts for friends, family, and even yourself. It offers a basic introduction to the art of extracting and purifying beeswax, as well as countless ideas for what to make with it. These include skin care creams, candles, and other home products like beeswax ornaments and wax fabric. So, get ready to suit up and collect some beeswax. There’s so much that you can do with it – and now you know how!


This book was delightful!  There is  a bounty of information on how to use beeswax in a variety of different ways.    Beeswax is part of the rich harvest of the hive and is an entirely natural product that bees make from honey. For centuries it has been prized for making fine candles and preserving the rich shine on treasured furniture. But there is more to it than that. The recipes include health and beauty products, candles, ornaments and much much more.  This is a perfect book for those who want to live processed-free!

~Reviewed by Allie B.


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    Reversing Inflammation

    Reversing Inflammation
    By Don Colbert MD MD
    Retail Price $16.99
    Amazon Price: $13.41

    Book Description: 

    It is essential for the healing process since it is a programmed response necessary
    for fighting infections and repairing damaged tissues. However, problems arise
    when this inflammatory reaction becomes systemic and goes unchecked for
    months or years. When this happens, the same chemicals used for healing can
    cause weight gain and eventually trigger a host of deadly diseases.
    Based on the life-changing principles shared in Dr. Colbert’s New York Times
    best-selling books—tailored to specifically address inflammation—Reversing
    Inflammation walks you through the process of building a healthy lifestyle.
    With nutritional and alternative health tips, it reveals:
    • What foods contribute to inflammation
    • What foods control inflammation
    • Groundbreaking research on how fat contributes to inflammation
    • How to shop and eat out while on the anti-inflammatory diet
    • Supplements that support weight loss and overall health
    • And so much more!


    My chiropractor recommended this book to me after I complained about back spasms and hip pain. He wanted me to start a core workout program and he also thought I wasn’t eating right. I began the core program immediately and started reading this book in earnest and it made a big difference in my life.  Every time I waiver from eating the foods that help keep the inflammation from my back & hips, and the pain that goes with it, I refer back
    to this book for a refresher. It is a God send for sure, so much so that I keep it handy on my nightstand. The alternative to following Dr. Colbert’s advice is a daily dose of ibuprofen, which eventually will kill my liver and probably my kidneys. I find it miraculous that simply eating the right foods is the best medicine.

    ~Reviewed by David H.

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      The Juice Lady’s Anti-Inflammation Diet

      The Juice Lady’s Anti-Inflammation Diet
      By Cherie Calbom MS CN
      Retail Price $17.99
      Amazon Price: $15.80

      Book Description: 

      If you are experiencing joint pain, fatigue, or difficulty losing weight,
      you might have chronic inflammation that comes from a poor diet.
      Research shows that inflammation is at the root of nearly every disease
      and ailment.  The good news is that just changing the type of foods you
      eat can bring instant relief.
      The anti-inflammatory diet is the answer. It’s the diet that remedies
      conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.  It’s the path to recover
      from just about every ailment—and it works.
      The Juice Lady Cherie Calbom has teamed up with Chef Abby Fammartino,
      of Abby’s Kitchen, for a four-week menu plan with easy, delicious recipes
      in a new twenty-eight day program to mend and restore your body.
      You will discover which foods to eat, which to avoid, and learn how to
      prepare them into tasty meals that you and your family will love as you
      heal your body and rejuvenate your life.


      This really is a must read book. It started me on my way to healing. I was not feeling well for over a year, had digestive and allergy-type issues. Doctors just ordered nose sprays and helped me not at all. The digestive issues plagued me for years. I gave this a try and am hugely grateful! My digestion is over 100% better! This book  set me on the right path and gave me inspiration to eat in a way that heals.

      Though it was chocked full of information, the book was presented well so you didn’t get overwhelmed.  The author did a wonderful job explaining the hows and whys and giving you the resources to succeed.  If you are looking to change your diet so you will feel better, than this book is for you!

      ~Reviewed by Elaine W.

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        Let’s Get Natural with Herbs

        Let’s Get Natural with Herbs
        By Debra Rayburn
        Ozark Mountain Publishing
        Retail Price $25.00
        Amazon Price: $21.23

        Book Description: 

        A BOTANICAL MASTERPIECE THE MOST COMPLETE A TO Z REFERENCE GUIDE TO UTILIZING HERBS FOR HEALTH AND BEAUTY. THE HERBAL BIBLE EVERY REFERENCE LIBRARY SHOULD HAVE ON THEIR SHELF. A much needed comprehensive reference guide to ensure the safe and effective use of herbs and their preparations. Millions of people use vitamins or herbs along with prescription drugs and over the counter (OTC) medications. Find out which herbs and other nutritional supplements can help prescriptions work better or reduce adverse reactions. And which combinations are dangerous and should never be taken together. Great attention to detail for the professional herbalist as well as the novice. For anyone interested in learning about the many uses of healing plants. A welcome addition to the bookshelves of herbalists, plant enthusiasts and botanists.

        * Separates fact from fiction concerning herbal medicine * Information on more than 400 botanicals ranging from well-known herbs such as Chamomile and Ginseng to less familiar herbs such as Kava and Muirapuama.

        * Botanical remedies that enhance the body s ability to heal itself. These safe, non-invasive therapies are proving to be more powerful than the often harmful drugs and surgeries that comprise the modern medicines of today.

        * Appropriate precautions, adverse reactions, and possible prescription drug and over the counter (OTC) interactions with the use of herbs and other nutritional supplements.

        * The only natural health reference book that is both comprehensive and user-friendly.

        Healing Food, Chemicals and other Natural Supplements. Make Your Own Fragrances. Non-Toxic Household Cleaners. Natural Insect Repellents. Pet Care. …and MUCH MORE.


        The book gives you a complete introduction using herbs for health, wellness, and beauty. It is without a doubt the best guide available on learning real methods to cure yourself and learn the kinds of herbs that can heal your body and cure yourself from illnesses and help you maintain your youthfulness.  This book is a sparkling gem, full of treats and surprises and everything important. Though it will definitely be inspiring and helpful to someone just starting out, it will also benefit anyone who’s been working with herbs for a while and might be looking for some fresh inspiration. This delightful book is full of wonderful information, recipes, and pictures to inspire new and old herbal students alike.

        ~Reviewed by Rosie B.


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          How to Fight Inflammation Naturally

          Inflammation is your body’s reaction to injury. You can have external inflammation, for example a twisted ankle will swell. You can also experience inflammation internally. For example your arteries can become inflamed. Inflammation, while it is a natural response, can be dangerous too. If your arteries are inflamed and stay inflamed then you can suffer a heart attack. There are many medications that help fight inflammation. For a sprained ankle you might take an NSAID to reduce the swelling. For inflamed arteries you might take a Statin drug. These drugs, whether prescription or over the counter have side effects. NSAIDs for example can cause liver damage or stomach distress. The good news is that there are many things you can do today to fight inflammation naturally.

          Five Ways to Fight Inflammation Naturally

          #1 Omega threes. Omega three fatty acids help reduce inflammation in your body naturally. You can find omega threes in many whole grains, fish and nuts. However, most people don’t get enough omega threes in their diet. A simple solution is to take a fish oil or omega three supplement. Additionally, decrease the amount of saturated and trans fats you’re eating. These types of fats contribute to inflammation in your body.

          #2 Decrease sugar content. Sugar is a prime source of inflammation. It causes free radical damage to your cells. This damage is an “injury” which causes inflammation. After consuming too many sweets or junk food you may notice you look puffy. This is inflammation at work. What you cannot see is the inflammation inside your body. Take a look at how much sugar you consume and create a plan to cut back. You’ll notice a drastic difference.

          #3 Turmeric. Turmeric is an herb. It’s commonly used in mustard and many curries. It’s a great natural inflammatory. If you don’t eat a lot of curry or mustard consider taking a turmeric supplement.

          #4 Exercise. Exercise actually helps your body reduce inflammation. It doesn’t have to be vigorous exercise either. Simply walk for thirty minutes a day. This simple step drastically reduces inflammation.

          #5 Sleep. Good sleep is imperative for good health. Studies have shown that people who do not get enough quality sleep suffer from inflammation. They’re at a higher risk for obesity and heart disease. Take a look at your sleep habits. What can you do to improve them?

          There are other simple steps you can take to reduce inflammation naturally. Reduce alcohol intake. Stop smoking if you smoke. Lose weight. If you have an injury, like a sprained ankle, consider using arnica gel to treat it. Add green tea to your diet and cut back on saturated and trans fats.  Take a look at your existing habits. How do they support inflammation? What can you do to change your lifestyle and fight inflammation naturally?



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            Getting Started with Homeopathy

            Homeopathy is an alternative form of medicine that has been used for thousands of years to treat everything from life threatening illnesses to the common cold.  While many people used to modern medicine may find it suspicious, it is still one of the most used types of medical treatment worldwide and is steadily gaining popularity in the western world.

            Homeopathic medicine is based on three basic principles.  The biggest principle of homeopathy is that like treats like.  Instead of treating based on the disease doctors think you have, treatment is done based on the symptoms you know you have.  The second principle is that there is only one treatment, not two or even ten like a traditional doctor might give you.  The third principle is that everything is given in extremely small doses.

            To treat yourself homeopathically, you must figure out all the symptoms.  Once you know your symptoms, you find a substance that causes the exact same set of symptoms and take a small amount of it.  Because you are only taking a very small amount, the substance not only doesn’t harm you, it’s said to cure you, generally long term or even permanently.

            When most people hear about homeopathy, their initial reaction is “no way!”  Treating symptoms with something that causes your symptoms seems totally counterintuitive, but it’s a concept that’s used in modern medicine as well as more ancient cures.  Shots commonly used to treat allergies contain a small amount of whatever you’re allergic to.  Many vaccines contain a small amount of the disease they’re designed to protect against.

            While homeopathic medicine is not only considered effective, it has many benefits over modern medicine.  Like many other natural medical treatments, most homeopathic remedies are totally natural.  While this doesn’t necessarily make them safe, these remedies tend to cause fewer side effects, have little drug interactions, and are generally better for your overall health.

            Homeopathic medications are also considered better for your body because they work with it. Many modern medicines work to suppress symptoms like fever or coughing. These symptoms are the body’s natural ways to get rid of disease.  Instead of suppressing symptoms, homeopathic medicine works to cure the problem itself while addressing the specific symptoms.

            When the right treatment is found, homeopathy is considered very effective.  The big problem is that just like there are thousands of prescriptions and over the counter drugs, there are also thousands of homeopathic remedies as well.  And if you don’t pick exactly the right one, it won’t work.

            While you can buy homeopathic remedies over the counter, just like herbal and other alternative medicines, that doesn’t mean it’s 100% safe to treat yourself.  If you’re serious about this treatment you should speak to a doctor who has experience in alternative medicine or even see a specialist in the area.

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