The KetoDiet Cookbook

Product DetailsThe KetoDiet Cookbook: More Than 150 Delicious Low-Carb, High-Fat Recipes for Maximum Weight Loss and Improved Health — Grain-Free, Sugar-Free, … Paleo, Primal, or Ketogenic Lifestyle
By Martina Slajerova
Fair Winds Press
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Book Description: 

Live the Ketogenic Diet Easily and Deliciously!

You love your Paleo or low-carb diet, but is it enough to give your metabolism the jolt it needs to really burn off that extra weight in order to live a healthier life? By eating foods higher in good fats, moderate protein, and little-to-no carbohydrates, you’ll feel less hungry. Not only that, but your body begins to burn fats stores instead of the carbohydrates and glucose that usually bog down your system.

The KetoDiet Cookbook contains 150 recipes and practical information for living and adhering to a ketogenic lifestyle. Martina Slajerova, founder of the KetoDiet blog, provides a complete guide to the ketogenic diet based on the most recent research. Discover the science behind the ketogenic diet and the abundant practical solutions that benefit both beginners and advanced keto-dieters.

Indulge in 150 recipes created to be perfectly compatible with ketogenic, low-carb, high-fat, gluten-free, grain free, Paleo, primal, and ancestral diets.

Recipes featured in The KetoDiet Cookbook are totally free of:

– Grain

– Sugar

– Potatoes

– Legumes

– Additives/Artificial sweeteners

– Unhealthy oils/fats

Dairy-free options are also included.

With soups, breakfasts, appetizers, sides, and sauces, you’ll be enjoying delicious meals while giving your body the boost it deserves!


If I were to summarize this book in one word it would be WOW!  I have been on a journey to improve my lifestyle and this cookbook is a great resource as I work on eating a healthy, yet sustainable lifestyle.

Yes the book is beautifully presented, yes the photos are gorgeous, and yes the recipes are your typical favorite fare (rather than obscure things no one would typically eat). But the important question always is: are they delicious? Well… I can’t answer for all 200+ recipes, but I can speak for ones in particular that I tried..and they were fantastic!

And so, I can honestly wholeheartedly recommend this book to everyone following a low-carb lifestyle. You won’t regret your purchase, and I have a good every other recipe in this book is just as amazing.

~Reviewed by Kendra P.

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